Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I realized that most of my posts on here are basically just a round-up of pictures and stories from things I did over the weekend. Saw a temple here, went to a museum there, got stared down on the train by a two-year-old boy who was also pointing his plastic cross-bow at my face and alternating arms so I wouldn't think I was safe, etc. You know, that sort of thing. Though I enjoy sharing the more interesting ways that I spend my time, it probably doesn't really paint an accurate picture of my life here.

Most nights, like tonight, I get back from work, put on my pjs, eat dinner, and just hang out for a few hours. When I wake up in the morning it's lather, rinse, repeat, except with putting on clothes for work and having lunch. Sure, there are nights when I get dinner with coworkers or we go out for drinks and there are mornings when I'm much more productive, hitting up Costco for deli turkey and provolone cheese (oh my god I miss deli meats and good cheese so much) or hiking the mountain or going shopping somewhere. But even on those days it's a pretty regular routine. Yeah I'm in Korea but I'm probably doing the same sorts of the things someone would be doing at home- just living their life. That's not to say I'm not loving it here and having a ball, just that I don't usually write about my regular routine and what's happening in the day-to-day.

I'm just a day or two shy of my 6-months-in-Korea mark. It's pretty amazing to me, how the time has gone. And I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for having made it this far. I didn't really think I would ever be the type to cut and run but you never know until you're knee deep in it, right? Half-way through though and I'm feeling good.

So we're in the middle of week 12 at work right now. Next week is our last of the term and once again there are some kids I'll be sad to see move on to other teachers and some kids who I will be soundly shoving out the door. Like the kid who sleeps during class and is all attitude when he's awake or the one who signs his vocab tests "God of Brian" instead of just Brian. He's so weird. I'll miss my angel class though with my student who loves Friends and writes her homework sentences about "Rachel" and "Chandler" and my elementary Memory class with the kid who had the biggest smile on his face when I told him his word for Pictionary was "Voldemort".

Next week then means summer term schedules come out and I can't wait to see what I'm teaching. I had to observe one of the higher level classes recently (well, one class above the highest level I teach now) so I'm expecting that's either because I'll be teaching something higher next term or in the future. That's a good sign as far as how I'm performing at work goes but mostly I just want to know when my two breaks off during the week will be! Girl has her priorities.

Just this past weekend my boyfriend booked his flight to Korea and will be coming in late June to stay for a month! To say I'm excited would be an understatement. I have a week off from work at the end of June so we're going to Vietnam. We finally decided this morning after bouncing between a couple different countries and as the planning process begins I'm getting pretty excited for it. I spent this evening searching for flights and hostels and trains and things to do and think it will shape up to be a great trip.

This morning I finally got around to setting up wire transfers at my bank so I can send money home. I probably should have taken care of it a while ago but it hasn't really been necessary yet. I've decided to go ahead and purchase a DSLR though, not in small part because my point-in-shoot is essentially dead, and want to order it from home through my account in the US. Anyway, the whole process at the bank was pretty easy. I went in with all my bank info- account and routing numbers, address, etc. and the teller spoke enough English (plus the form was in Korean/English) for me to explain what I wanted to do. Now, each time I want to send money home I can take care of it from an ATM which is nice and convenient. Okay so that isn't particular exciting news to anyone except me but I'm still new enough to managing real grownup-y type things in a foreign country that I feel good after taking care of something like this.

In an attempt to get myself on a better sleep schedule and be awake early enough to chat with my 5am riser back home before he's in bed, I've instituted an "Up before 11" rule for myself each morning. That probably sounds pitiful to most but for us night owls hitting the hay at 4 or 5, 11am is still prime sleep time. So far I'm adhering to it and was actually awake by 9:45 this morning. Incoherent, groggy, and not sure why the guy who drives a truck with speakers blaring "Would you like to buy some lovely bananas?" wasn't driving down my street waking me up like always yet until I remembered he shows up around noon... but still, I was awake. This will take some getting used to.

Trivia of the Day;  Thundersticks, sometimes known as cheerstix, bangers or bambams, are long, narrow plastic balloons that are used as promotional noise makers. The noise is created when two thundersticks are struck together. They are most often used at sporting events, political rallies and concerts. Thundersticks were first created in the Republic of Korea, and thundersticks gained popularity in the United States when used by fans of the Anaheim Angels during the 2002 World Series. Today thundersticks are used by fans of many sports teams in order to show their support.

Haha this trivia is for you Mom, since I know how much you hate Thundersticks and mentioned their use at the Wyverns game you saw here. At least you can now say you experienced Thundersticks in their original habitat!

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