Saturday, May 7, 2011

And then there was one

I just got back from dropping my mom off at Incheon airport for her flight home. We had a really great week together and I'm sad to see her go. After that debacle last week everything went smoothly at the airport today. The people at Asiana were super nice and even made sure that when she lands in SFO she'll have enough time between then and her flight on to Boston. Ahem, note to American Airlines that if they had taken the extra minute to do this when she'd checked in at Boston last week that they could have caught the mistake and put her on an earlier flight to JFK, of which there were many. Just saying.

I have lots of pictures and things to put up from her trip here but since we kept pretty busy during the week there wasn't too much time to post them along the way. Plus I don't want to talk about all her adventures before she can share them with people back home herself. Besides, she will tell the story of the fridge in the bathroom at 3:30am much better than me.

After successfully hosting one visitor I'm already itching to do it again. My boyfriend will be here in less than two months (:D) and an awesome friend is considering a trip for the fall. So if you're looking to get out of the country for a bit, come visit me! I miss everyone from home and once you get past the plane ticket price Korea is cheap, I promise!

Trivia of the Day: CinĂ© de Chef is a combined luxury movie theatre and gourmet restaurant, located in Apgujeong, southern Seoul. It is operated by CJ CGV, South Korea's largest multiplex movie theatre chain, and opened on 3 May 2007, drawing over 2000 viewers in its first few months. The theatre seats just thirty people in deluxe chairs costing ₩8 million each ($8,000), and is equipped with 11.1 channel speakers which surround the entire theatre, including the floor and ceiling. In the restaurant, Le Cordon Bleu-certified chefs serve modern Asian cuisine. Other services provided by CinĂ© de Chef include valet parking, a private elevator, an escort service and English-speaking staff. Tickets cost in the region of ₩60,000–100,000 ($60-100).

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