Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's ninety degrees! Have mercy, John, please! It's hot as hell in Philadephia!

Happy Fourth of July!

We're back from Vietnam and it was great. Hot as blue bloody blazes but we saw some very cool places and I would definitely recommend it (in the fall or winter though). I took approximately 2,000 pictures so when I find some way to narrow those down expect a full trip recap. Here's a glimpse of our adventures in Vietnam:
Stay tuned for stories about pizzas, old lady kisses, non-toilets, and vampire coffin bathtubs. Plus lots of pretty pretty pictures for the tl;dr crowd.

Hope everyone at home in the US of A (and expats around the world) is having an amazing July 4th weekend and celebrating with sparklers and barbecues and fireworks. This is one holiday that I love but have never had a consistent routine for so I'm okay with being out of the country for it. My fella made us a classic July 4th dinner of burgers and corn on the cob and now we're settling down for a showing of Jaws (this is fine because I don't plan on being near the ocean any time soon!). 

Enjoy your long weekend everyone! Celebrate safely :)

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